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Humanitarian Aid & Environmental Action

La Nouvelle Ecole is committed to being a positive contributor to the global community by empowering and supporting less fortunate children in developing countries and taking action to protect the environment:

Three Primary Schools Constructed to Empower 232 Children in Laos

La Nouvelle Ecole aims to aid and empower children in struggling countries and communities.


We have partnered with Mission Enfrance, a humanitarian aid organization to construct schools in struggling countries, and assist communities in clean water, hygiene and education.

La Nouvelle Ecole has financed the construction of an entirely new school, “Bane Laogna”, in the province of Pakse, in struggling Laos.

Additionally, we have financed the completion of two other schools 70 km from Pakse.

Laos 1.JPG

Beyond lack of education facilities, hygiene is a critical problem in Laos, especially for young children.

La Nouvelle Ecole has financed the distribution of hygiene kits and training in all three schools.

We have acquired and distributed sports equipment for all three schools as well.

Laos 2.JPG
Laos 4.JPG
Reconstruction of an Animal Shelter, protecting 100 Abandoned and Abused Dogs

We are excited and proud to announce the completion of the reconstruction of an animal shelter, managed by "Let the Animals Live".

Our little school assisted in the reconstruction and acquisition of equipment, serving 100 abandoned and abused dogs that can now enjoy new in-door and out-door playing areas and facilities protected from the sun and rain.

Animal Shelter.png
Animal Shelter 3.JPG
Animal Shelter 2.JPG
Planting 100 Trees Every Month in Tasmania, following the Australian Fires

Following the large spread fires in Australia, La Nouvelle Ecole has decided to take action by planting trees.

At first, we planted a tree per student and staff member. Our little learners were excited to hear about their trees, so since then we are regularly planting 100 trees every month, in partnership with

Trees 2.png
Trees 1.png
Supporting Global Causes, from Education to Climate Change, with TogetherBand

In 2019, La Nouvelle Ecole decided to contribute to a variety of important causes by donating to TogetherBand. This non-profit supports families in Africa, education of children in India, climate change research, and much more. Our little school acquired and distributed TogetherBands to our entire community of parents. Every band is crafted from upcycled ocean plastic and seized illegal firearms metal. 1kg of plastic is removed from marine environments for every band acquired.

band 1.jpg
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