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About Us

Our Philosophy

La Nouvelle Ecole provides a loving, nurturing and safe environment in classical location in Geneva and Paris.

We are a unique French / English bilingual school that has its foundation in Montessori philosophy; education that is personalised and based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaboration. Our highly trained staff support and guide the children in developing their confidence, self-belief and love of learning so that they can become lifelong learners.

Our founders are passionate in preparing our children to be the leaders of tomorrow, so at La Nouvelle École, our children not only learn skills for life, they are provided with a range of exciting opportunities to discover their gifts and talents whilst learning to become custodians of our beautiful planet through our unique ‘eco programme of study’.


Our goals are:


  • To meet each child where they are

  • To stimulate learning through positive inquiry and creativity-based activities

  • To encourage excellence and to guide through challenges

  • To develop skills for life

  • To create critical and compassionate learners with a strong love of learning

Reasons to Choose Us

Personalised Education

Small learning groups and one-on-one learning allows personalised education, based on hands-on learning and collaboration. Unlike ordinary schools, personalised education and care enables optimal learning and unlimited academic advancement.


Native Bilingual Program

Our teachers carefully follow the learning objectives and skills, in both the French and English language, guided by highly qualified and experienced native English speakers and native French speakers.


Integrated Curriculum

Our academic curriculum integrates the UK national curriculum with the Swiss Plan d'etudes Romand, following all the learning objectives in both languages, French and English.


Stimulating Learning Environment

From the clean design of our learning spaces, using natural materials and minimising distractions, to our highly experienced team, we have created an environment to stimulate high quality learning and happy learners. Excellence in everything!


Kind, Caring and Highly Qualified Team

The calm atmosphere at our school is thanks to our kind and caring team, enhancing academic excellence, kindness, mutual respect and confidence in each child. Among our team are Sorbonne and Harvard graduates, Masters in education and more.


Rich Activities to Broaden Horizons

Our school enriches our little learners by hands-on experiences. Science Experiments, Classical Ballet, Gymnastics, Art, Music and Movement, Vegetable Planting, Yoga for Kids, Team Sports, and so much more. After-school activities, holiday programs and more.


Delicious Healthy and Nutritious Meals

We provide a healthy, balanced and low-sugar nutrition at the school, from local and organic produce delivered fresh every day. A child friendly well thought daily menu develops our little learners tastes while ensuring their health, development and well-being.


Eco-Friendly School

Our school aspires to be a positive contributor to children and communities, both local and remote, to animals and to the planet.

Our eco-program educates about our planet. We have planted over 5,000 trees, built schools in developing countries and more.


La Nouvelle Ecole supports green, eco-friendly manufacturers by equipping the school with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Additionally, we are proud to use tables, chairs, indoor and outdoor toys, building blocks, and arts-and-crafts materials from the following:


Sustainably Harvested Wood

All of our manufacturer’s wood comes from sustainable, managed forests.  The maple is harvested within 500 miles of our manufacturer’s workshops.


Healthy Air

All of our manufacturer’s furniture products are made from low emitting materials.


Healthy Materials

The manufacturer strictly prohibits no known hazards in the products and only allows green, safe materials for your children.

Healthy Nutrition

As parents we educate our children to respect, protect and nurture our bodies, our homes, our community, and our planet. 

That is why we believe our children should understand the importance of and enjoy nutritious, healthy and delicious food. When planning the menus we make sure to provide a wide range of foods to expose our children to a diversity of tastes, textures and culinary cultures.

La Nouvelle Ecole provides healthy cuisine prepared from local produce. The weekly menus shared to parents are diverse, yet simple, rich and tasty dishes.

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